1. Why do some leads not understand why I am calling them?

This occurs frequently with online leads, and because we have so many lead-generating partners, the lead capture methods for each one of them can differ greatly. Because of this and the fact that a lead may not realize that inputting their information online (or expressing interest in a home valuation over the phone) will effectively sign them up to be solicited to, we typically recommend a broad approach when making initial contact.

2. What should I say to a prospect when I make my initial contact?

Many different options can have varying degrees of success depending upon the prospect, but typically we recommend a broad script that effectively offers the prospect something of value, this way they drop their guard about seeing you as just another salesperson, and you can have a productive conversation about their motivation behind requesting any information they ask you for. See this article for some ideas about requesting scripts.

3. What are other agents doing that are finding success with the SetSchedule platform?

We have many success stories and case studies to share, but we find that hearing it from their mouths is often more beneficial, so we have created the series "Meet the Agent" on our YouTube channel. Check it out! 

4. What do I do if a prospect asks me to remove them from the platform as they no longer want to remain a lead?

If a prospect requests removal from our platform as a lead, they can simply email their requests to be removed as a lead to: info@setschedule.com (Please note they must email with their number/email on file to get the request fulfilled)

5. How accurate is the information provided by the vendors? 

It varies with each prospect. Some people specifically want to see more pictures or get more info on a specific home. Others click around online and have a general idea of what they want but nothing concrete. The best strategy for our platform is to have the information from the vendor in your back pocket but refrain from leaning on it too heavily initially, as the prospect may not even remember what they initially clicked on. The budget can also be misleading if someone who can only get pre-approved for $500k is looking at $1M homes online, you may need to align expectations. Remember typically the budget is either an algorithm from the vendor based on the prospects viewing habit or an input directly from the prospect themselves.

6. How long have leads on my Referral Radar been there?

There is no straight answer to this as it is algorithmically determined, however typically it is a couple of weeks before they are removed from the Referral Radar, but even then if they verify their information after that time frame it can be placed back onto the map (Agent Success Consultants can directly send leads that were removed from the Referral Radar to Premier Members)

7. How do I reach out to a Targeted Data Record?

One of the best approaches to these is to either mail, flyer, or door knock these prospects offering a "Free, No-Obligation Home Valuation". The reason for this is that these prospects are typically in a distressing situation where they will need to move within the next year or two, and often that requires a sale or even a sale and purchase.  

8. When should I rate my leads?

Although you will be asked fairly quickly to rate a lead, you don't always get in contact with that lead on day one. If you do not receive a response from a lead, you do not need to rate them until you do so, you can simply save the rating notification and/or email and revisit that when you do connect with that particular lead. Once you get a response, rate them according to your perception of how productive that lead will be for you. 

9. How do I get more leads?

As a Premier Member, you can get regular allotment replenishments during your Monthly Optimization Calls. We do ask that you Rate your Leads.  If you are grabbing leads faster than our vendors can generate them in your area, we also can ping our partners based on that information provided to your Agent Success Consultant during those Monthly Optimization Calls.

10. Why does lead quality seem to get better over time?

There are 2 main factors in play here. One is that when you initially get started you have a whole map full of existing leads waiting for you to grab. Existing leads are great at catching under-served people, but real-time leads tend to respond more favorably. So as you grab leads in real-time from your alerts, the quality seems better. The second factor is that they quite literally are better quality when our agents' rate leads, we get info on which vendors are under-performing and can focus on higher-performing lead vendors and/or add additional lead partners.

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