When using SetSchedule's Referral Radar, you will see leads aggregated from many, well known, sources. This article will review the most common sources and their specializations.

Homes.com - Online lead capture platform, typically lean towards buyer leads who click on a specific house or area, doesn't necessarily have to be on the market.

Realtor.com - Online lead capture platform, one of most visited real estate sites in the world, doesn't necessarily have to be on the market. You'll find a variety of buyer and seller leads from this source.

RealtyTrac - Online foreclosure portal, typically leads from here will be investor driven and the home they may be interested in, doesn't necessarily have to be on the market. Many of the leads are interested in finding an investment property and are normally open to other properties.

LJ Marketing - Primarily reach prospects using direct marketing. Whether it's a call, text, or email, this source attempts to capture leads through marketing efforts.

SetValue - Online lead capture tool within the SetSchedule website, a side effect of our growth is some home shoppers are finding us online due to our Search Engine Optimization, and if captured through our portal they become a lead on the app 

Facebook - Social Media platform, leads from here are often easily found in the Research Center. Normally best way to connect with leads from this source is through social media efforts.

First2Contact - Leads from here typically have spoken to someone about having a real estate related question.