Agent Success Consultants (ASC) are designated based on your region within the United States. Your ASC can accomplish a variety of actions to help ensure you are in the best possible position to find transactions by utilizing SetSchedule's lead exchange platform.  Here is a small sample of what they can do:

1.  Directly Dispatch older leads that are no longer on the Referral Radar, but could still have the potential for becoming business.

2.  Help you optimally set your Center Points based on the Data trends in your area.

3.  Provide the initial technology training for you to become accustomed to using the app efficiently, as well as provide best practices for utilizing the various features.

4.  Provide you with allotment refreshments for both Leads and Targeted Data Records.

5.  Provide scripts established from other Realtors nationwide who have had success with the platform

6.  Train you to be able to cherry-pick leads by utilizing select filters.

7.  Provide helpful articles from industry experts regarding nurturing leads.

8.  Role-play overcoming typical objections and how to direct the conversation to a productive place.

9.  Provide accountability through a written Business Plan that is followed up with during the Monthly Optimization Meetings.

10.  Encourage agents to take advantage of our Social Media promotion programs to help brand our agents as experts in the field.

This assistance is available from our Agent Success Consultants via Monthly Optimization Calls for our Premium Partners.