The Referral Radar allows you to accept real estate leads aggregated from different trusted lead vendor partners. If you are a real estate agent or real estate broker but you did not select either the "real estate agent" or the "real estate broker" profession when you were creating your account, you will NOT see the Referral Radar on the toolbar.

You will need to update your profession if you are interested in accepting real estate leads from the platform. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign-in page: Sign In.

  2. Select "PROFILE" from the dropdown menu that appears to the right of your profile image on the top right corner.


  3. Under CAREER press the edit icon. 

  1. The EDIT CAREER popup will appear where you will then be able to add the professions. Add either the "real estate agent" or "real estate broker" profession in order to access the Referral Radar.  Once done, hit Save.

  2. Refresh the page and the referral radar can now be found as the 4th icon from the left, at the top of the page. Once you enter the Referral Radar you will be greeted by the WELCOME TO THE REFERRAL RADAR page.

  3. Simply click on the Referral Radar icon to take you to the page and view the available leads on the map. 

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As always, should you require assistance, please reach out to our technical support team by emailing or chat with us online.