As a real estate agent on the SetSchedule platform, you have the ability to use the Referral Radar in order to accept real estate leads aggregated from SetSchedule lead vendor partners. Before you can accept a lead from the Referral Radar, you need to have the right profession added to your account. 

1. Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign-in page: Sign In.

2. Once on the home screen, a ‘Welcome to the Referral Radar’ pop-up window will show. Click GET STARTED. 

3. After clicking GET STARTED, you will be routed to the Referral Radar and a pop-up window will appear wherein you will have to enter your phone number. 

NOTE: If you do not see the Referral Radar, review this article to ensure you have added the right profession to your SetSchedule account.

4. Enter your phone number and click ‘Next’. A verification code will then be sent to your phone number.



5. Once you have entered the verification code, click ‘Confirm

6. When you click on a lead on the referral radar after the verification, the lead details will appear on the left side of your screen.

7. Click the ‘TAKE THIS LEAD’ button and it will take you to a window where you get to choose a payment method. You can either ‘Use Allotment or Use Credit/Debit Card’. Check the option that applies to you.


8. If you choose ‘Use Credit/Debit Card’, proceed to ‘Add a Card’.

9. If you're a Starter user, you have to check off the Referral Fee Agreement box and click ‘CONFIRM PURCHASE’. 

NOTE: This will only appear when it’s your first time taking a lead. 

10. After clicking ‘CONFIRM PURCHASE’, you will be routed to a page confirming that your purchase was a SUCCESS! You may click the ‘VIEW THE OPPORTUNITY’ and it will take you to the CRM to view the contact details of the opportunity.

As always, should you require assistance, please reach out to our technical support team by emailing or chat with us online.