What’s new? 

The SetConnect system has been updated to allow quicker and faster connection to live SetHello conferences using phone audio. Through this update, SetSchedule calls a participant’s direct phone line, instantly connecting them to the conference line. Highly engaged SetConnect eligible agents may receive a phone call from (949) 464-4040 when the Concierge team has a real time consumer in a SetHello room that is ready to connect with a Realtor. Please note that the SetConnect system will still try to connect the consumer with an agent by sending out SetHello links in texts to nearby highly engaged agents.   

When can I expect a call?

The SetConnect phone connection is used when a real time consumer is waiting in the SetHello room with a concierge team member. Prior to using the phone connections, agents in the area will be sent a text message with a link to connect to the SetHello conference. If no agents join the conference line through the text message link, agents will then be dialed through the SetConnect phone system. Since the room link is being sent out first, you should stay diligent and connect with these  SetConnect opportunities first through the link rather than waiting for the phone connection. It’s first come first serve!

What happens when I am called?  

When the concierge initiates the SetConnect Phone connection process, SetSchedule’s highest rated partners are given priority to connect with the opportunity. There are two possible outcomes when you answer: 

  1. Get Connection: if you are the first agent to answer, you will hear an automated message that will provide you the basic information the consumer has submitted. Keep in mind that the information provided may be tentative-when you connect, you should make a point of understanding what the consumer is looking for and why. As you are aware, different consumers can be at different stages in their real estate journey. Once you have joined the call, the consumer and concierge will see a message inside the SetHello room letting them know you have joined via telephone. 

    1. After the call:

         When the call has concluded, the prospect’s contact information can be found in  your CRM, same as when you join a SetHello through the online link.  

  1. Miss Connection: with the SetConnect Phone connection system, it is possible that you’ll receive a call from the (949) 464-4040  number seconds after another agent has connected to that SetHello call. If this is the case, you will not be connected to the SetHello call. Rather, an automated message will play letting you know that another agent joined the SetHello call first. Receiving a call means that you are a highly ranked agent on the platform, so keep an eye out for additional SetHello texts and calls as they come in.                             

Who is eligible for the SetConnect Calls?

Real estate professionals who have an active SetSchedule account with an allotment are eligible to receive a SetHello Connection. SetHello connections are dispatched based on earned agent rankings. 

If you have any questions, you can learn more about SetHello by visiting the following article. You can learn more about SetConnect in this article. If you have any additional questions about qualifying for the SetConnect system, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Agent Success Consultant.