How Does SetHello Work?


SetHello Is a Web Video and Audio Conferencing tool, accessible via your mobile phone or personal computer.

SetHello is enabled for a quick easy complimentary Video and Audio communication between two parties, the Real Estate Agent (Pro) and the Home Shopper(Consumer), and the first agent to respond will get the lead and connect to the user via Set Hello. 

SetHello Flow

  • SetSchedule’s Machine Learning Autonomous Bot “Jessica”-Engages with consumers in Real-Time via Technology.

  • Consumers interested in connecting with a real estate professional NOW, via the SetHello Platform can choose this option. 

  • Invitations will be sent to highly engaged SetSchedule Real Estate Pros (that meet eligibility requirements) to connect instantly with a consumer.

  • The first agent to click and accept the SetHello Call will win the connection.

  • Jessica will continue to follow up with the consumer through each step of the process to ensure satisfaction. 

SetHello After Hours.

This screen is displayed to the Home Shopper when they connect after hours (Currently 10 pm). This screen informs the Home Shopper that the SetSchedule Concierge Team will reach out the next day.


What If I’m Too Late to connect?

Agents that are not the first to connect to SetHello will be notified and redirected to the Referral Radar where they can check out alternate opportunities. 


What if the link has expired?

This screen is seen by the Home Shopper when they click on an expired SetHello link (currently 24 hours) after being sent to the Home Shopper). This page prompts the user to request another SetHello link via SMS, or reach out directly for real estate agent contact information.

What if I have network issues?

This screen is seen by any party (Agent or Home Shopper) that is having issues with internet connection cutting in and out from SetHello or if the user’s connection is too weak to support a video call. This screen prompts the user to check their internet connection (service or wifi) and retry the connection using the “Retry Connection” Button. If successful the user will connect to SetHello or rejoin the call if the call has been cut out by the connection issues.



Who is Eligible to participate on the SetHello Platform? 

Real estate professionals who have an active SetSchedule account with an allotment are eligible to receive a SetHello Connection. SetHello connections are dispatched based on earned agent rankings. 

Why Are Pros Ranked?

Real estate Pros are individually ranked in an effort to qualify for the SetHello Platform. SetSchedule Pros with a lead allotment will be grouped based on qualifications and scoring. Groups of the Highest Scoring PROS in Each Area will receive simultaneously an instant offer to connect. The highest-scoring group will have the first opportunity to take a SetHello Voice or Video Conferences with Consumers. The first real estate pro that takes the call, will win the lead. 

  • If the First Group isn't responsive then the second group will receive the SetHello invitation.

  • If the second group isn't response then the third group will receive the SetHello invitation

  • If there isn’t a successful connection via technology the SetSchedule concierge will reach out to local pros in the area and resend the connection invite for the two parties to meet via SetHello

Pros are scored by:

  • Time Spent on the platform

  • Meetings with AgentSuccess Consultant

  • Complete SetSchedule Profile with Profile Picture Uploaded

  • Activities on the App:  Lead consumption, Responsiveness, and Ratings

  • Transactions

  • Home Shopper Feedback