Please follow the steps below to create a Zapier integration between SetSchedule and your CRM. Please note that in order for the integration to successfully link, the CRM you will be using must have a Zapier integration app itself. Before getting started, we strongly advise reviewing the following guide on understanding Zapier: What is Zapier? - Getting Started Guide

Please note that this guide will provide you with the step by step instructions.

  1. If you haven't already, create and sign-up for a Zapier account using the following link: Create a Zapier Account.
  2. Once you've created your Zapier account, choose "SetSchedule" in the search bar.
  3. Next, click on "Make a Zap!", to advance to the "Trigger Application" screen.
  4. Under "Choose App", find and click on "SetSchedule". You're triggering event would be "New Opportunity" which would push the lead's information to your CRM every time you consume a new opportunity.
  5. Use your SetSchedule login information to provide access to trigger zaps and click "Yes, Continue".
  6. Now we need to choose our "Action Application". Choose your CRM's application to migrate our lead's contact information over to.
  7. Choose your CRM as the designated app and choose an action. To continue with our example, we would choose "Create a Contact" as your action event.
  8. Now let's login to our action application's account
    1. Note: Some applications authenticate through an API (which would be found through your CRM's account information) and others by login in using the applications login informationIn our example, we need an API key. Go to your application account info and copy the key and paste it to authenticate our third-party integration.
  9. Don't forget to enable your applications third party integration as well. You'll find it on the same screen you found your API Key.
  10. This is where "fields" come to play. We strongly advise that you read the following Zapier guide to "inserting fields": Zapier Insert Fields Guide.
  11. Click the following icon to bring up the available fields and determine which fields to associate together.
    1. Here is an example
  12. Once you've set up all of your contact fields, click "Continueon the bottom of the screen.
  13. Once you've set up your fields, don't forget to test and review. Here's an example of a test showing received data.
  14. Turn on your zap and you're ready to go!

Should you need additional assistance and should you be a premium user, you can reach out to your Agent Success Consultant. Click here to view a guide on how a premium user can schedule an optimization call. 

As always, should you continue to have issues, please reach out to our technical support team by email at or chat with us online.