The Book of Business Audit is sent to the email address associated with your SetSchedule account. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT SHARE NOR FORWARD THE BoBA EMAIL TO ANYONE. It contains a link that will allow anyone to access and update your opportunities.

Once received, follow these steps to update your opportunities.

  1. Click on the ‘Start Audit’ banner found at the bottom of the email. 

  1. Once you clicked the ‘Start Audit’ banner,  you will be redirected to this page where you can start reviewing and updating opportunities in your pipeline. The opportunities are listed with the date and time it was last updated, the name, and the city based on the opportunity’s location.

  1. Right below the City, you will see the note ‘Under Contract’, and below it are the ‘Yes’, ‘Not Yet’, and ‘Failed’ buttons that will allow you to send in your update. Click on the ‘i’ icon and the updating parameters will pop up on the screen for your reference.

  1. Simply click on any of the ‘Yes’, ‘Not Yet’, or ‘Failed’ buttons to update the opportunity.

  1. If you click ‘Yes’, you will see a green check mark and the opportunity will be cleared off the list.

  1. If you click ‘Not Yet’, the opportunity will be cleared off the list, and it will be included in the next month’s BoBA.

  1. If you click ‘Failed’, a confirmation prompt will appear on the screen. 

You can either click ‘Confirm’ or ‘Not Yet’. If you clicked on ‘Confirm’, the opportunity will be archived and will no longer be included in the next month’s BoBA. If you clicked on ‘Not Yet’, it will be cleared off from your current list but will still be included in the next month’s BoBA.

  1. Once you are done updating all the opportunities in your BoBA, you will receive a prompt that you have reviewed all your opportunities.

As always, should you need further assistance please contact us at or chat with us online.