Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign-in page: Sign In. Once you've signed in, follow the steps to updating a lead:

  1. Click on the CRM tab from the bottom navigation menu. 

  1. Click on the map or list view on the topmost portion of the map to view the opportunities. 

  1. Click on the opportunity you want to update from the map or the list. 

  1. You will now be taken to the Opportunity details screen. On this page, you will want to click on the NEW ACTIVITY option in order to leave your update notes.  


  1. In the NEW ACTIVITY menu, you can input notes, set a next action and change the temperature of the opportunity to either ‘Cold’, ‘Warm’, or ‘Hot’.

  2. Clicking on the dropdown menu below What’s next? allows you to change this lead's status to either Archive or Closed Deal. You can also set a follow-up activity by selecting either ‘Phone Call’ or ‘In-Person Meeting’ option. 


  1. If you select either the ‘Phone Call’ or ‘In-Person Meeting’ option, you will then have to click the ‘Date’ - this will allow you to set your follow-up date and time. Click ‘Save’ to set up the follow-up option you selected.

  1. Once you click on the SAVE button, you will be taken back to the opportunity displaying the activity that you have set. Click ‘Activity’ in the upper right-hand corner of the page to see the details of the update you have provided. Clicking on the dropdown arrow will allow you to see more information about the update.

As always, should you encounter any issues, please reach out to your technical support team by emailing or chat with us online.