Through the SetSchedule Referral Marketplace, real estate agents can consume leads from some of the most well-known lead sources SetSchedule partners with. These leads are aggregated to the SetSchedule Referral Radar for partnered agents to consume, nurture, and ultimately transact with. So let’s go over some of the different lead types available for consumption!

Referral Radar Leads

Basic Lead

Your basic lead, which we call engagement level zero leads, are simply leads that have been aggregated from one of SetSchedule’s lead partners. In short, a potential prospect filled out an online form somewhere, and that lead, through API (Application Programming Interface), was aggregated to SetSchedule and placed on the Referral Radar. 

You’ll get basic information including the client’s name, email, phone number, interested area, lead vendor, and a brief description of the client’s interest. These lead types require lots of communication and are generally longer-term prospects you’ll need to nurture before they're ready to work with you. 

We generally recommend having a 6-month follow-up game plan comprised of phone, email, and text cadences. Work these in bulk and don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. Just keep following up. You’ll generally see about a 2-3% conversion on these lead types.

Smart Match Leads

The Smart Match leads are opportunities recommended to you based on your previous lead consumption. Your Referral Radar is layered with Smart Technology that identifies patterns based on leads you’ve previously consumed from the Referral Radar. The more you consume, the more the system will learn what you like and don’t like and ultimately, will recommend opportunities it thinks you’ll want to see first!

So if you see a Smart Match Lead, take a look at it ASAP! You’ll probably want it. 

Verified Leads

This is where things start to get exciting! SetSchedule has a vested 20% interest with you thanks to the referral agreement. So it’s in our best interest to drive the most engaged home shoppers to the platform. To do so, we’ve added a layer of proprietary nurturing technology to verify the leads our lead partners provide us. 

This nurturing technology, Jessica, our autonomous nurturing Bot, texts every lead in our database. Her goal is to verify each lead’s basic information and create a higher, engagement in Level 1 or communication with the prospect. Should Jessica receive a positive response from a home shopper, she’ll tag that lead as ‘Verified’. You can identify these leads by the big red banner that says ‘Verified’ on them. So if you see these, take them!

Since we’ve communicated with the prospect, you’ll get the same information a basic lead provides plus a little more. So use that info to your advantage when initially connecting with the prospect. We generally see a 3-4% conversion on these lead types and similar to the basic lead, recommend a 6-month nurturing cadence. 

Verified Smart Match Leads

To keep this short, a Verified Smart Match Lead is the creme de la creme of the leads available for consumption on the Referral Radar. Not only has this lead been verified, but it’s also recommended. So eat these up!

SetSchedule Connect Leads

The following lead types are not available on the Referral Radar. To receive notifications when available, turn on your SetHello Connection Notifications under your Settings tab. 


The SetHello video and audio conferencing calls are the first SetSchedule connect lead types. These are truly special leads. Think of them as handshakes done through the SetHello autonomous ecosystem. Jessica takes the verified leads one step further by getting the home shopper on a conferencing line to be connected to an agent directly. 

If you receive this call, you’ll want to look wonderful! Just kidding…sort of. You don’t have to be on video, but we recommend you should. These leads are ready to speak to an agent NOW and are serious about connecting with a real estate agent. This lead type is one of our highest, most engaged Level 3 opportunities.

Generally, you’ll see closer to a 5-6% conversion rate with the SetHello opportunities. Since you’ll be receiving the lead as a live transfer, the goal of this call is to set up the next call for action by setting up a time to meet face-to-face. 

Concierge Handshake

SetSchedule’s Concierge team is the best when it comes to nurturing potential prospects and getting them on a call. They have about a 25% connection rate! So if you receive a call from them, you’ll want to answer. 

The team’s main objective is to connect, communicate, and handshake a home shopper to an agent able to service the home shopper’s interest. Once a concierge team member connects with a home shopper, they’ll verify the basic information, understand the interest, and vet out the prospect’s motivation. Ultimately, handshaking the call to SetSchedule’s top local agents.

The transfer is pretty simple. They’ll introduce themselves, the home shopper’s basic information, and excuse themselves from the call to leave you, the real estate agent, with the home shopper to do what you do best! Similar to the SetHello conference calls, you’ll find a 5-6% conversion rate on these as well. So be prepared to set the next call for action with the home shopper. 

Good luck out there!