SetSchedule is a software platform intended for business development, and the Referral Radar, a lead marketplace, is just one of the ecosystems with the suite of software. SetSchedule sees the greatest success on the platforms for agents who put their heads down and work through a nurturing cadence. The article will walk through some of the best practices of the Referral Radar and how to get the most out of the platform. 

The Referal Radar leads absolutely work, and below are just a few of the success stories that we've seen recently. The leads are aggregated from 17 different sources to offer buyer and seller leads. One of these partners is, but the company also pulls leads from Zillow, Z-Buyer, and Trulia. Working with this many sources allows the company to put leads into a territory in mass. They are also exclusive to the platform, meaning if SetSchedule has a lead from Zillow, it's exclusive to the platform.

The most significant difference between the Referral Radar and other platforms is the level of interest. These leads are people who are looking to connect um with real estate agents. The biggest hurdle is whether an agent can get a toe, or even better, a foot in the door and convince them that you, the agent, are the best fit. Click here to see the full article: Best Practices for the SetSchedule Referral Radar


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