Let’s talk about internet leads and identify who they are. These would be the people who are interested in buying, renting, selling or any combination of the three. Most importantly, maybe, are individuals who have actively visited an online real estate website to check what their options are.

There are many questions that still need to be answered. Are they ready to do business right away? Are they already pre-approved? What does their credit score look like?

First, connect with your lead via text, email, or a phone call.

Let’s remember that each person’s schedule is unique to them, making connecting difficult. Some people may be simply shopping around, but just not ready to dive into their perceived purchase, sell, or rental options. There are so many scenarios that might be going on in their lives at the very moment they say, “NO,” when you reach out to them. Then of course there is always the dreaded, low credit or not the right budget.

Leads like those listed above require patience and continued communication, after all, any one of them could turn into a dream find in the end. Keep your best foot always marching forward and build a great relationship. They may not be ready right now; however, when the time comes, you want them to think of us right away. Plus they may know others that are in the market and if you’ve built that solid foundation, in the beginning, you will be the expert they trust.

Perseverance and determination are two key aspects that can only bring you positive results. Getting that dreaded “NO” in the beginning is not the end of the line, but an opportunity for us to build the relationship for the future “YES.”

Patience, Perseverance, Determination, and Great Relationships - These are the attitudes that will take us far in our daily lives to be successful and bring the most out of each internet lead.