Badges can be found on users' profiles. These badges provide an indication of the user's status. Below, you'll find a list of badges and what each one indicates:
  1. Verified Badge
    This badge represents a basic verification of a user's profile. The profile has been fully completed and established at the moment of verification. This process is subject to ongoing verification at SetSchedule's sole discretion. 

  2. Premium Personal BadgeThis badge represents a Real Estate Agent user with an individual license that has upgraded their account to premium status.

  3. Premium Team V Badge 

    The following badge represents a small to medium-sized Real Estate team that has upgraded their team license to multilicensed premium status. 

  4. Premium Team X Badge

    The following badge represents a large-sized Real Estate team that has upgraded the team license to multi-licensed premium status.

  5. Notable Badge

    The blue badge is reserved for influential users identified by SetSchedule as highly active individuals who add a tremendous amount of value to their community.

    For any inquiries regarding verification, badges, and trophies, you can always email support at