Leads are opportunities aggregated from SetSchedule trusted lead partners and can be buyers, sellers or renters. Every lead comes with the type of interest, a projected value, contact information, and any other information provided by the prospective client. Like a lead on the platform? Simply click, "I want it!" and once consumed, the lead basic and contact information will be view-able in your "CRM" section.

Smart Match Leads

As you continue to utilize the platform, from time to time, you'll be met with Smart Matched Leads. These are leads recommended by the system based on your previous purchase history. SetSchedule machine learning technology tailors these lead types to you as it learns, making our users Power Users! See a smart match lead? You probably want to take it ;)

Verified Leads

By utilizing Smart Nurture Technology, we attempt to verify all leads aggregated to our platform via text and email communication. Upon verification, the lead becomes SetVerified and is available for consumption on the marketplace. Take on a verified lead? Reach out to the homeowner immediately. They're waiting for your call. And, Smart Match Leads can be verified as well!

As always, should you encounter issues, please reach out to your technical support team by emailing support@setschedule.com or chat with us online.