As a professional on the SetSchedule platform, you have the ability to create as many teams as you would like. You can follow these steps to create teams. When you are creating teams, you may find yourself asking “who should I add to my team?” This really depends on the motivation behind creating the team to begin with. If you are the owner of a premium team license for the Referral Radar, you will want to add real estate agents to your team. You may also want to add real estate professionals your team collaborates with on a regular basis (transaction coordinator, ISA, inspectors, contractors) which can make prospect tracking much easier. 

If you create a team that is not a premium team for the Referral Radar, we recommend adding in the relevant collaborators or professions depending on the purpose of your team. You can create a team with others who are the same profession as you to use as a reference resource, or you can create teams with your regular referral partners to make sure you don’t lose track of prospects. As you form more and more teams, you will have a better grasp for which connections you should add. 

As always, should you require assistance, please reach out to your technical support team by emailing or chat with us online.