The team allotment center allows Premium Team Admins (including the Team Owner) to distribute available Referral Radar lead allotment to the members of the team. Follow these steps to access the Team Allotment Center if you are an Admin of a Premium Team: 

  1. Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign in page: Sign In.
  2. Click on the TEAMS option from the top navigation menu. 
  3. Select your premium team from the list on the left. The black badge to the right of the team name denotes your premium teams. 
  4. On the team page, click on the three dots on the right of the team panel at the top of the page - select Allotment Center.  
  5. Here you’ll be able to distribute the leads available to your premium team. Please note: your team members must have their Referral Fee Agreement (RFA) signed before you are able to provide them with allotment. If you have a team member that has not signed the RFA yet, you will see the option to SEND RFA - this will remind the user to agree to the RFA. Once they do so, you will be able to provide them with lead allotment. 
  6. After you have distributed the allotment by using the plus and minus buttons on the right, make sure to save your changes by clicking on SAVE ALLOWANCE. 

As always, should you require assistance, please reach out to your technical support team by emailing or chat with us online.