Opportunities in the CRM can be assigned or collaborated with other users in the SetSchedule ecosystem. Assigning a lead allows you to designate a specific SetSchedule user to work on this opportunity. Collaborating an opportunity allows you to share the Opportunity details with an existing SetSchedule team. Follow the steps below to learn how to Assign or Collaborate opportunities: 

  1. Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign in page: Sign In.
  2. Click on the CRM option from the top navigation menu: 
  3. Click on the opportunity that you wish to assign or collaborate. You can choose by clicking on the lead either from the list or on the map. 
  4. You will now be taken to the opportunity details page. On the far right side you will see the SHARE button. 
  5. Hover on it and several options will appear. At this point you have the ability to choose if you want to Reassign to an Agent or Collaborate with a Team.
    1. Selecting Assign to An Agent will take you to a list of your connections. 
      1. Select the new assignee you would like from the list. You also have the option to add a Personal Message before assigning the opportunity. 
      2. A confirmation pop up will appear once you have successfully assigned the opportunity. 
    2. Selecting Collaborate with a Team will allow you to share this opportunity's details with any team you are a part of. 
      1. Once you've clicked Collaborate with a Team a popup will appear. Once you click on the team(s) you want to collaborate this opportunity with, click on the Collaborate button at the bottom of the popup.  
      2. You will now see a popup confirming that your opportunity was successfully shared.

As always, should you require assistance, please reach out to your technical support team by email support@setschedule.com or chat with us online.