When in the CRM section of the SetSchedule application, you have the ability to save follow up activities on specific opportunities. If you have an opportunity you have been able to disqualify through your follow up attempts, you can place it into the ARCHIVE section. Follow these steps to update your opportunity's status to ARCHIVED.  

  1. Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign in page: Sign In. 
  2. Select CRM from the top navigation menu 
  3. Once in the CRM, click on the prospect you are interested in from your list or on the map. You will then be taken to the OPPORTUNITY details page. Click on the QUICK ACTION button. 
  4. The QUICK ACTION box will appear, allowing you to adjust the lead temperature and leave notes. Clicking on the ACTION box will allow you to select from a dropdown list. Click on ARCHIVE.
  5. Before saving your update, we strongly suggest adding notes that explain why you decided to disqualify this opportunity. That way, if the prospect reaches back out to you later on, or if you want to reach out in the future, you are aware of the reason for archiving them.
  6. As always, should you need assistance please contact us at support@setschedule.com or chat with us online.