Please click the link to take you to SetSchedule’s sign in page: Sign In. Once you've signed in, follow the steps to change the phone number shown on your Network Profile:

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of your profile picture. Select the Profile option from the menu. 
  2. On the profile page, you will see an edit option at the top of the page - click on this.  
  3. Once you click, you will see the option to Edit Profile Intro - click on the pencil icon to edit your profile image. 
  4. When you have clicked on the edit option, you will be prompted to select an image from your computer. When you have selected it, you will then have the option to adjust the profile image by zooming in and zooming out. You can also click and drag, which will allow you to reposition the image inside the circle. 
  5.  Once you are satisfied, you can click on the Save option at the bottom.  
  6. The new profile image you have selected will now appear at the top of the Edit Profile Intro pop-up. Click on Save to finish updating your profile image. 
  7. As always, should you need further assistance please contact us at or chat with us online.