SetSchedule is proud to unveil the 2.5 update to the Pro Application, enhancing your capabilities with the Referral Radar and My Opportunities business development tools.

Referral Radar Updates: 

Team users will  now see a banner displayed on the lead preview and lead purchase screens. They denote if you are accepting those leads using your personal or team organization.

My Opportunities Updates

The “My Opportunities” section has been upgraded to include a floating action button on the bottom right corner of the screen. When the button is clicked, you will have the option to “add new opportunity”, “start an open house”, or “export my opportunities”. 



The "Export my opportunities" functionality has also been updated so you can choose what you export based on opportunity temperature or the assignment status. The assignment status will only visible to team leads and team members who have administrator level permissions within the application. Users who do not have a team organization or do not have administrator permissions enabled for their team will not see the "assignment" options when they are exporting their opportunities. 


Additionally, an updated filter functionality has been added in the "My Opportunities" section. On the mobile application, the filter icon has been placed to the right of the search bar in the "My Opportunities" section. 
The list toggle for the "My Opportunities" has been moved. It can now be found as a button that reads "LIST" directly below the search bar. 

The last major change included within the 2.5 update is an updated search functionality. Users now have the ability to search through their opportunities based on name, location, and/or other identifying opportunity details. On mobile, the user can find the updated search bar in the "LIST" view.

On desktop, the user can now see two search bars instead of just one. The search bar on the left that reads "JUMP TO" allows the user to move the map to different locations. The search bar on the right that reads "ADDRESS/PHONE/NAME/EMAIL" allows the user to use the updated search functionality.