Often we get asked questions about how many agents are able to take a lead, or if leads from our platform have been qualified by someone from SetSchedule.  Here's the process for clarity:

1. Exclusivity from Vendors

    a. Any specific lead is exclusive to SetSchedule, meaning for example, if Realtor.com provided a lead on our platform they CANNOT also provide it on their platform.  This doesn't prevent that same person from going to another vendor of ours (Homes.com for example) and thus becoming an entirely new lead, but it does help ensure that particular capture of the lead isn't inundated with calls.

2. Exclusivity between SetSchedule agents

    a. Leads from our system are removed from the platform via an algorithm automatically, so the answer to how many SetSchedule agents can take a lead varies based on many factors, with an average of two to three, to allow the prospect variety, but not over-saturation.

3. Verification Process - SetSchedule sends out automated texts and emails to each lead from our vendors that hits our platform.  If the prospect responds, a verified sticker goes onto that lead, and the prospect will be notified that whoever takes that lead will be reaching our shortly. If the the prospect does not respond to the verification automation's, we continue pinging them periodically and if we do not receive a timely response, eventually the lead will be removed from the Referral Radar.

Remember, if you would like information about some of our vendors, we also have an article about the differences between vendors.