It is very important to 'plant the seeds' with prospect by letting them know you are a local expert. Find a why to provide your prospects with a strong value proposition they will remember so when they're ready to buy or sell real estate, you are the one they turn to. To do that, it is best to have a script that will illicit a response from a lead, and a plan on how to cultivate that relationship based on their response.

Here are some tips:

  1. When contacting members, try an open ended approach where you offer something for free (i.e. a Home Valuation) first. Sometimes this will allow you to better break the ice than leaning on the information provided by the vendor, since they may not remember their activity with that specific vendor. You can always bring up the vendor provided info once you get your foot in the door.
  2. If a client is not responding to the phone number or email that the vendor provided, utilize the Research Center along with a quick Google search of the prospect and cross reference them both. This will often allow you to find an alternate contact avenue for a lead, so you can gauge how to best proceed with nurturing that business relationship.
  3. Here are some articles available online that are helpful in providing insight into how to best approach internet leads:

Best practice with these are to review them and take an approach that best fits your business and personality to make them work for you. Scripts from our Agent Success Consultants are also available via Monthly Optimization Calls for our Premium Partners.

Happy Selling!