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One of the features we offer to select partners who are looking for more data is the ability to run bulk data through our Research Center. What this means is we scrub the data to find contact numbers and emails. We also can offer this service for leads even if they are not from our platform. See below for instructions on how to request this service from your Agent Success Consultant:

1. Gather data from either SetSchedule or an existing data partner and compile the data into a Spreadsheet.
    a. To find data for this service within the SetSchedule App, accept bulk amounts of Targeted Data Records from the Referral Radar, and find the email you receive from us once those records are taken, or export your opportunities if you want to use existing Targeted Data Records within your My Opportunities section

2. Forward to your Agent Success Consultant Excel spreadsheets with the data you want scrubbed for contact info

3. Your Agent Success Consultant will work with our Market Science Team to fill in the blanks and get it sent back to you

Armed with your newly acquired contact info, you can now reach out to these people and gauge their interest in buying or selling real estate.