Welcome to SetSchedule's Referral Radar Opportunity Article! Here, we'll review the different types of opportunities that can be consumed from the SetSchedule's Referral Radar where we aggregate all of our opportunities from the industry's top lead vendors.

When you first open your Referral Radar, you'll be met with two opportunity types; targeted records and leads. Let's start with the targeted records. 

Targeted Data Records

Targeted records are marketing records that have been identified as homeowners highly likely to move in the next 6-24 months based on are smart predictive analytics. They are enriched property data records sourced from thousands of different sources. These are bested acquired in groups and used from direct marketing (mailers, door knocking, etc.). Please note that targeted records are provided based on specific zip codes.


Let's talk about leads! Leads are opportunities aggregated from our lead partners and can be buyers, sellers, or renters. Every lead comes with the type of interest, a projected value, and any general information provided by our vendor partners. Like a lead on the platform? Simply click, "I want it!" and once consumed, the lead basic and contact information will be viewable on your "My Opportunities" page.

Smart Match Leads

As you continue to utilize the platform, from time to time, you'll be met with Smart Matched Leads. These are leads recommended by the system based on your previous purchase history. Our machine learning technology tailors these lead types to you as it learns, making our users Power Users! See a smart match lead? You probably want to take it ;)

Verified Leads

By utilizing our Smart Nurture Technology, we attempt to verify all leads aggregated to our platform via text and emails. Upon verification, the lead becomes SetVerified and is available for consumption on the marketplace. Take on a verified lead? Connect with the homeowner immediately. They're waiting for your call. The best part, Smart Matched Leads can be verified as well!

Lead Taken

If you are part of a team, from time to time, leads you are going to come across will have already been consumed by a team member. These leads can be identified by the following icon. You'll see a white exclamation point within a red circle indicating that the lead has already been taken, and possibly already connected with by another team member of a team you are part of.

As always, should you continue to have issues, please reach out to our technical support team by email support@setschedule.com or chat with us online.